The Sweet News

The Sweet News — November 2017
I was blessed to marry into an amazing family that is kind, fun, non-judgmental, loving, enjoyable, and drama is only used for good gossip! When I was dating my boyfriend, Bob, he said if we were going to get serious there were two rules that he would not budge on and I am so glad that he did not as we have not broken them for 28 years!
Bee hives on lavender and sunflower fields, near Valensole, Provence. France. Famous, popular destination  for tourists for making vacations in summer.
The Sweet News — February 2017
This January was the anniversary of our 10th year in business and while the road has been long and at times challenging, it has also been filled with many smiles, friendships, and growth in mind and spirit.
The Sweet News — November 2016
In the last month, I attended two digital marketing events in Detroit and Ypsilanti and I for one, am amazed at the speed of marketing these days. While the tried and true tools are still around, digital marketing is the new mainstay -- but it is a moving target for sure!
The Sweet News — May 2016
Radio... remember when it was the go-to for music, the news, interviews, sports and so much more? Life was simpler and so was our connection to the world -- three TV stations, one phone in the house, the daily newspaper, and radio to discover the world.
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