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Tina Walther created Rapport Innovative Marketing in December of 2006. After many years of working with marketing in various positions of management in local restaurants, corporate sales, and as an owner of a retail design store, Tina felt she had the hands-on experience to help other business owners navigate the sea of marketing options.

Therefore, she combined her experience, design talents, and entrepreneurial spirit to create Rapport with the hopes of working with companies to assist in making their dreams and goals a reality using her knowledge, design skills and digital marketing tools.

At the beginning, she was a one-person operation, but as the business continued to flourish, so did her team and the services Rapport offers. In December of 2016, the company celebrated its 10th anniversary in business and continues to grow daily.

Bakery owners helping customers place an order

Rapport’s marketing philosophy is a combination of loyalty and appreciation. We believe that marketing can produce the best results by utilizing a company’s greatest resources – their staff and customers. By providing continual touch points of appreciation, and knowledge about the company and its services to their clients, we believe the clients will then spread the word to the community and assist in the success of the business.

Our services encompass many types of marketing and communication offerings and because of the a la carte menu of our services, our clients can choose which services best fit their needs and budget.


Tina Walther

I attended Coastal Carolina and have a dual degree in business and computer programming. During the course of my education and after, I moved up the ranks in the restaurant business and was the general manager of Bombay Bicycle Club, Quality Bar, and Palio in Ann Arbor. My next step was into the corporate sales arena selling receivable management services for over 10 years.

Due to my love of people and design, I endeavored into the interior design and retail business by opening two stores — Shade of the Olive and The Iron Stairs.

My current layover on this road we call life is filled with the daily tasks as owner of Rapport Innovative Marketing — which began in 2006 and continues to flourish due to our amazing clients and team of busy bees!

A2Y Regional Chamber – Marketing Committee & Ambassador
Southern Wayne Country Regional Chamber – Ambassador & Board Member
Ann Arbor Ypsilanti Area Tourism Ambassador Program – Certified Tourism Ambassador

Lia Melasi

I graduated from Madonna University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Marketing. My previous sales and marketing experience has prepared me for my role with Rapport Marketing.

I am excited to be a part of the Hive to share my knowledge and expertise with our clients to compliment their vision for the future.

Alex Wierda

I’m a product designer from West Michigan and currently living in Grand Rapids. I’ve been working in the design industry for 5 years and have experience in everything from large and small scale print to UI and UX design. I graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2013 with a degree in Marketing and Management and I have a certification in UX design.

Outside of work I’m a big fan of movies and television shows. I’m also a big hockey and craft beer fan. I play pick up basketball once a week and I also enjoy running, weightlifting and spending time with friends and my fiancé.

Chandra Himlin
Director of Opportunities

With a resume that ranges from ice cream to mortgage underwriter, I see creative projects as connected to one another as the birds and flowers of everyday life.  I  am dedicated to serving others, being a sounding board and learning new things – and then some!

My twenty years of experience in customer service combined with my passion for building a resourceful team will allow me to create and maintain a vibrant and functional environment for our Hive.  I am a Business Administration graduate of Eastern Michigan University and lover of all things social media.  I have worked with large brands in the banking industry for the past 20 years.

I am also a BIG family person. Relationships are important to me and I work hard at holding up my end of each one that I enter.  I believe there is plenty of room for us all and invite you to get to know us.  Come on into our family…in here you will experience a whole lot of fun, a whole lot of loud and a whole lot of love!

Renee Humes

I love meeting new people, learning new things and challenging myself. To try something new, even though I do not have a marketing background, I joined the Rapport Innovative Marketing team in the spring of 2017 as their Project Manager to help with organizing and scheduling projects. I have been swept away by them all! This amazing team is patiently guiding me through this exciting and challenging opportunity.

Magdalene Law

Magdalene graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design with a BFA in Graphic Design. She has recently graduated with her Masters in Psychology. Magdalene also has a certificate in UX/ UI design. A seasoned Graphic & UX Designer, she has worked in an array of genres, ultimately finding a love for Web Design, UX/UI Design, Personality/Psychology and Branding.

When Magdalene isn’t achieving goals at work she can be found, coaching Girls Rugby in Grandville, listening to music, keeping up on the newest films, Michigan camping, going on adventures, spending time with her family/friends, house projects and participating in any sporting activity she can get her hands on.

Rachael Krawczyk
Creator of Semi-eNews

I graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Math and Computer Science Education. For the past 3 years I have been a high school math teacher in Southeast Michigan. I recently moved to Colorado to begin working on my masters degree in Applied Statistics, and hope to one day work in sports.

I have experience in marketing, web design and web development, and have done contract work with Rapport as needed for the past few years, and I am excited to be able to be a larger part of this amazing team.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading, discovering new TV shows, and listening to and playing music. I love all things baseball, and I can often be found exploring the internet for new things to learn about.

Jeremy Anderson

I didn’t invent the Internet, I just try to make it look better. I’ve been in the business of creating since I hung my first drawing on the fridge when I was 3. I’ve been actively involved in the graphic and web design community for the last 20+ years. I’ve designed projects for small businesses, corporations, nonprofits, cities, and more.

My specialty is making pixel magic in Photoshop and creating WordPress websites. My interests, however, extend beyond the web as I love helping people with branding, print design, content management and social media. I even enjoy making designs move by creating motion graphics.

When I’m not designing, I’m probably hanging out with my wife, being entertained by our amazing three boys, watching or coaching baseball, playing Candy Crush or teaching a group of students about the wonderful world of design. I also run the Graphic Design Program at Specs Howard School of Media Arts.


Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Chamber of Commerce
Milan Area Chamber of Commerce
Southern Wayne County Regional Chamber


A3 Art Alliance
Certified Tourism Ambassador
Children with Hairloss


Tim Sommers
Owner, Bizzarre Marketing
Gavin Todd
CEO, Shopwindow
Joe Grech
Owner, Local Media Solutions
Walt Conger
Owner, Click Control Marketing
Kathy Kane
Owner, Marketing Insights
David Lee
President, Design Source Media

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