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Tina Walther created Rapport Innovative Marketing in December of 2006. After many years of working with marketing in various positions of management in local restaurants, corporate sales, and as an owner of a retail design store, Tina felt she had the hands-on experience to help other business owners navigate the sea of marketing options.

Therefore, she combined her experience, design talents, and entrepreneurial spirit to create Rapport with the hopes of working with companies to assist in making their dreams and goals a reality using her knowledge, design skills and digital marketing tools.

At the beginning, she was a one-person operation, but as the business continued to flourish, so did her team and the services Rapport offers. In December of 2016, the company celebrated its 10th anniversary in business and continues to grow daily.

Bakery owners helping customers place an order

Rapport’s marketing philosophy is a combination of loyalty and appreciation. We believe that marketing can produce the best results by utilizing a company’s greatest resources – their staff and customers. By providing continual touch points of appreciation, and knowledge about the company and its services to their clients, we believe the clients will then spread the word to the community and assist in the success of the business.

Our services encompass many types of marketing and communication offerings and because of the a la carte menu of our services, our clients can choose which services best fit their needs and budget.


Tina Walther

I attended Coastal Carolina and have a dual degree in business and computer programming. During the course of my education and after, I moved up the ranks in the restaurant business and was the general manager of Bombay Bicycle Club, Quality Bar, and Palio in Ann Arbor. My next step was into the corporate sales arena selling receivable management services for over 10 years.

Due to my love of people and design, I endeavored into the interior design and retail business by opening two stores — Shade of the Olive and The Iron Stairs.

My current layover on this road we call life is filled with the daily tasks as owner of Rapport Innovative Marketing — which began in 2006 and continues to flourish due to our amazing clients and team of busy bees!

A2Y Regional Chamber – Marketing Committee & Ambassador
Southern Wayne Country Regional Chamber – Ambassador & Board Member
Ann Arbor Ypsilanti Area Tourism Ambassador Program – Certified Tourism Ambassador
Creative Washtenaw – Board Chair
Greater Milan Area Community Fund – Board Member
Milan Area Chamber – Member

Beth Ressler
Project Manager

I am the newest member of the Rapport team and am happy to be here. In my free time, I enjoy playing golf, working out, power walking and chilling out with family and friends. = In my free time, I enjoy playing golf and pickle ball, working out, power walking and chilling out with family and friends.

Mariella Zanotti
Project Manager

My background ranges widely, from early childhood education to dance, from the travel industry to freelance translations. The common ground is my customer-oriented approach and my love of getting things organized. With a few years of experience as a Project Manager, I am happy to put my background to good use for the rest of the Rapport team and its customers.

I was born and raised in Italy before immigrating to the United States. While enjoying the best of both worlds, I spend my spare time reading, going for hikes, and cultivating a passion for interior design and decoration.

Megan Dossey
Art Director & Lead Graphic Designer

Graduating from Olivet College with a Bachelor of Art degree with a concentration in Graphic Design and Ceramics, I have a knack for creating pieces that are visually engaging. After working in the sign industry and the automotive industry, I love to put my creative capacity to good use! Like puzzles, taking information and making it fit is something I thoroughly enjoy. Mixing in my background with the Rapport team and clientele, every day is a new and exciting challenge.

You can usually catch me near a body of water, either on two feet or two wheels. I am an avid motorcycle rider and swim coach for my local HS and city swim club. I enjoy animals, the arts, and traveling to see all that the Earth has to offer.

Charlie Boudreau
Website Development & SEO Specialist

I’m a digital designer and website creator with a proven track record of workplace excellence through impactful creative ideas and design. Bringing forth over 12 years of experience in creating websites, strategic planning, WordPress production, SEO, social media, & branding.

Diversified skills include web design, prototyping, website production, branding, project management, local SEO, and client relations.

I’m an avid guitar player with a deep appreciation for music. Sports add a dynamic to my life, offering both physical challenges and the thrill of competition. Above all, time spent with my family is invaluable, grounding me and enriching my life. These passions, shape my every day, keeping me balanced and fulfilled (usually).

Catherine Melotik
Graphic Designer & Digital Marketing Specialist

I attended the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin earning my Bachelor of Fine Art with a concentration in Design & Visual Communications as well as a minor in Journalism, Advertising, and Marketing.

My background lies in graphic design, but I have a passion for social media and helping businesses build a consistent brand presence online.

Outside of being creative, I have a passion for a good throw pillow, a patterned shirt, and a good cup of iced coffee with a book in hand, oh, and travel!

Travis Matts
Special Projects Management

A returning bee to the Rapport Marketing Hive, I am excited to continue to help grow small businesses throughout Southeast Michigan with an impeccable team of passionate marketing and design professionals. Having graduated from Pratt Institute in 2020 with a Masters of Science in Historic Preservation, and a previous academic and professional career in interior design with a Bachelors of Science in Interior Design from Bowling Green State University, I have always looked for an outlet to grow my creative passions in a practical and functional way.

First experiencing the marketing industry some 10 years ago while interning at Rapport Innovative Marketing during my senior year of high school, it was more than perfect timing when the opportunity to re-join the Rapport team was presented to me in the fall of 2023! Bringing to the team an expansive creative portfolio with experience in design, brand development, marketing, and more, the opportunity to connect with local SE Michigan businesses inspires me develop effective and aesthetically innovative marketing strategies.

Outside of the office, you can find me either working hard in the garden, creating something delicious in the kitchen, or jamming out to any type of music you can imagine (though I must admit, my Spotify Wrapped is typically Pop, Disco, and 90s Country). I’m the proud father of two beautiful fur babies – Finley, an orange tabby, and Fergus, a Bichon/Maltese fluff ball! To keep my passion for historic preservation and interior design alive you may find me strolling through one of our many local historic communities, or with my nose in a historic architecture book or the latest Interior Design magazine.

David Admana
Project Manager

I’m David, a young professional from the Philippines and a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I’ve always been passionate about all things computer-related and finding efficient ways to accomplish tasks with it. The ever-changing landscape of technology deeply interests me, and the opportunity to continuously master it excites me. Additionally, I have a profound interest in Project Management, finding fulfillment in effectively coordinating with clients and devising solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations.


Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Chamber of Commerce
Milan Area Chamber of Commerce
Southern Wayne County Regional Chamber


A3 Art Alliance
Certified Tourism Ambassador
Children with Hairloss


Tim Sommers
Owner, Bizzarre Marketing
Gavin Todd
CEO, Shopwindow
Kathy Kane
Owner, Marketing Insights
David Lee
President, Design Source Media

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