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The Sweet News — June 2021 Edition

The Beauty of Change

I recently visited my hometown in South Carolina and while I was in 80-degree weather, it was 95-degree weather in Michigan. As I write this article it is 43 degrees out, cloudy and raining. So the question is, “Why did I move to Michigan?” Quite simply… change, I LOVE IT!

On April 21st, after my bulbs were showing their colors and the azaleas were blooming on every stem — it snowed. To some that might seem disheartening, especially ones that have had enough of seeing the “white stuff.” For me, it was time to venture into my garden and see Old Man Winter and the Spring Fairies playing tug-a-war and the sites were spectacular.







To tend the soil you must learn humility and acceptance that a greater power is in control. Oh, you can choose to fight it and while you are doing so you might miss something really amazing.​

The same is true of people, if you spend time objecting or critiquing you might just miss meeting someone that could change your world or at least make it even better!​

Learning acceptance is not hard. Just stop, breathe, turn off your head talk, and allow your brain, eyes, nose, and ears to accept what’s heading your way. Then instead of responding — simply absorb.

Your soul will do the rest!​

Bee like a sponge —

Tina & her band of Busy Bees



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Did you know?

The average worker bee lives for just five to six weeks. During this time, she'll produce around a twelfth of a teaspoon of honey.