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At Rapport Innovative Marketing, our team is hard at work to make your business grow and turn your dreams into realities. Our team is always up for the next challenge and to also learn something new!
Tina Walther

I attended Coastal Carolina and have a dual degree in business and computer programming. During the course of my education and after, I moved up the ranks in the restaurant business and was the general manager of Bombay Bicycle Club, Quality Bar, and Palio in Ann Arbor. My next step was into the corporate sales arena selling receivable management services for over 10 years.

Due to my love of people and design, I endeavored into the interior design and retail business by opening two stores — Shade of the Olive and The Iron Stairs.

My current layover on this road we call life is filled with the daily tasks as owner of Rapport Innovative Marketing — which began in 2006 and continues to flourish due to our amazing clients and team of busy bees!

A2Y Regional Chamber – Marketing Committee & Ambassador
Southern Wayne Country Regional Chamber – Ambassador & Board Member
Ann Arbor Ypsilanti Area Tourism Ambassador Program – Certified Tourism Ambassador

Renee Humes

I love meeting new people, learning new things and challenging myself. To try something new, even though I do not have a marketing background, I joined the Rapport Innovative Marketing team in the spring of 2017 as their Project Manager to help with organizing and scheduling projects. I have been swept away by them all! This amazing team is patiently guiding me through this exciting and challenging opportunity.

Lia Melasi

I graduated from Madonna University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Marketing. For four years, I played soccer at the collegiate level – Go Crusaders! I am Google AdWords and Hootsuite Certified.

I have been apart of the Rapport Hive since 2014. My specialties and experiences in Marketing include but are not limited to Digital, Social Media and Email Marketing, Advertising and AdWords Campaigns, Graphic Design, Content Creation, Google Analytics, and Website Design.

Every day, I look forward to learning and growing as a team, individual, and to be able to assist our clients in order for them to succeed!

When I am not working, I enjoy traveling the world. In fact, you can often find me in Switzerland – cheese, chocolate, and mountains, do I need to say anymore? I also spend my free time at the lake and playing or watching sports. I have two dogs and an adorable niece and nephew that I adore and simply cannot get enough of! Most recently, you can find me studying the German language — please wish me luck, danke!

I am excited to be a part of the Rapport Hive to share my knowledge and expertise with our clients to compliment their vision for the future.

Mariella Zanotti

I was born and raised in Italy for about 30 years prior to immigrating to the United States. My background ranges widely, from early childhood education to dance, from the travel industry to freelance translations. The common ground is my customer-oriented approach and a love of getting things organized. With a few years of experience as a Project Manager, I am happy to put my background into good use for the rest of the Rapport team and its customers.

In my spare time, I love reading, painting and going for walks. I have a passion for interior design and decoration. I also love wine, so much so that I founded my own wine importing business.

Amelia Horton

I graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. Prior to transferring to Eastern, I spent two years at Lourdes University studying marketing and playing volleyball. Volleyball, and sports in general, are still a big part of who I am today.

I am a newer addition to the Rapport hive and reside in Denver, Colorado – the Rocky Mountain state. Although I am in charge of managing projects to successful completion, I also specialize in Social Media Marketing, Blog Writing, Content Creation, and Email Marketing, bringing a creative touch to the work I do on a daily basis. Before starting with Rapport, I was a one-person marketing team for the largest contractor in Colorado, so I am well versed in many facets of the marketing and project management world.

Outside of work, I’m passionate about living life to the fullest. For me, this means traveling, spending as much time as I can outside and in the mountains, enjoying time with family and friends, and continuing to find ways to test my creativity and learn more. I’m one of those lifelong learners! 

Magdalene Law

I graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design with a BFA in Graphic Design, have Masters in Psychology from Chicago Schoo of Profession Psychology, and am certified in UX/ UI design. A a seasoned Graphic & UX Designer, I have worked in an array of genres, ultimately finding a love for Web Design, UX/UI Design, Personality/Psychology and Branding.

When I am not achieving goals at work I can usually be found, coaching Girls Rugby in Grandville, listening to music, keeping up on the newest films, Michigan camping, going on adventures, spending time with her family/friends, house projects and participating in any sporting activity I can be apart of.

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