The Sweet News

The Sweet News — March 2018
In October, I was selected to join the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program, a 6-month course that teaches small business owners how to discover growth opportunities for their business. This experience has been very enlightening for me -- including reminding me how hard it can be to "crack the books."
The Sweet News — January 2018
Our universe is filled with many opposites - push and pull, on and off, up and down, excitement and quiet. I believe there is a great purpose for these contrasting forms of energy or events and we can learn from them if we pay attention to what happens during these changes.
The Sweet News — November 2017
I was blessed to marry into an amazing family that is kind, fun, non-judgmental, loving, enjoyable, and drama is only used for good gossip! When I was dating my boyfriend, Bob, he said if we were going to get serious there were two rules that he would not budge on and I am so glad that he did not as we have not broken them for 28 years!
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