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Reaching Millennials with Marketing

What Generation Y “Millennials” look for and look to avoid in today’s ads

Generation Y, or “Millennials” as they are often referred to, are now the largest generation alive in America. They live differently than those before them, growing up with technology, a large global warming awareness, and a poor economy. They have learned to appreciate local businesses and many care deeply about going “green” and are conscious about waste and recycling. So, in a world filled with internet and Social Media advertising, how exactly can you pull the attention and business of a generation who has learned how to use the internet to get the best deal they can find? I recently read an article that talked about just that.

Millennials are one of the most widely stereotyped generations. Known for participation trophies, wanting immediate satisfaction, and being impatient and entitled. What Millennials don’t want to see in advertisements is exactly what they are most popularly known for. Those in Generation Y (born 1980-2000), more than anything else, appreciate not being stereotyped when scrolling through ads on their phone or computer. There is a reason why craft breweries and small coffee shops have flourished with this generation. Gen Yers want to see honesty and sincerity in both branding and marketing. A small local business that can be authentic and deliver what they promise goes a long way in the mid of a frugal Millennial, who may spend more, or ask for a price match, to help give business to their favorite local place instead of the random online store.

Millennials do not always have the most money to spend on things outside of necessities. With the internet, there are many ways to research before buying, and making sure your brand is a known option can be difficult. Ensuring that you have a large online presence is key. Providing coupons, free shipping, and rewards programs with a personal touch can go a long way in the mind of a Millennial. Quick flash sales that seem sudden and impersonal can quickly be ignored. Seeing the same ad over and over again as you scroll through Facebook for the third time on a Monday, that makes it appear as if a company truly wants to grab the attention of the Gen Y ad viewer. One of the biggest mistakes that can be made in marketing is to play into the Millennial stereotype when creating ads directed toward Generation Y. It is simply too easy to just keep scrolling. Be authentic, create personal touches, and start up a rewards program for customers. Nothing says please come back like the promise of a free pizza after your fifth visit!

To read the article that caught my attention, check it out on the Forbes website!

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