Milan, MI

The Sweet News — October 2017

Know your brand attributes and apply them daily to get the perfect customers - time and time again.

Knowledge BrandPower


So my printer finally died – I was not totally unhappy, as it never worked very well anyway – but of course, I had just bought and installed new ink cartridges!


So the quest began to get a new printer… go to Amazon, check out the reviews on various websites to find the best printer, visit Sam’s Club, and Costco online – my confusion and frustration were equal.  Then I walked into Best Buy to see if they could fix my old printer, since I knew what it was capable of, even if it was wanky.


The Best Buy Geek Squad said they did not repair printers, so, I headed to the printer aisle and gazed at both sides and started my evaluations.  All of a sudden, Ian, the printer specialist, appeared like an angel to help me manage the waters of printer features and benefits.


After much comparison, time answering my questions, and looking up facts on his mobile phone, we both decided the Epson WorkForce Pro was the best choice – besides the name was impressive!  And I received $50 off for my old printer and they recycled it, yet another task off my list.


So I am now printing, scanning, faxing, and double-sided if I like, and feeling very confident about my purchase and the price I paid!  And my printer even has a twinkle in his eye!


Best Buy has figured out what the most important part of their brand is – Knowledge Power!  Yes, I probably could have gotten the printer for cheaper on Amazon and even gotten free shipping, but I would have always wondered if I made the right choice.  

Thanks to Ian, my printer specialist, I know I have the best printer for my needs and have become a loyal Best Buy customer!

Know your brand attributes and apply them daily to get the perfect customers – time and time again. 

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