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Relevancy In Marketing

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We all know what relevancy is. However, did you know that relevancy in marketing is critical?

One of the biggest parts of “relevancy” is being able to connect your business and brand to customers with the correct messaging. Being timely and relevant is all about taking care of your audience. Relevancy in marketing is important, now more than ever.

Whether it’s on your various social media accounts and in your weekly emails. Or in your storefront and on your website. Stay useful, innovative, and up-to-speed with the current situation.

This is a recent response that one of our clients received from an eBlasts we created and sent to their customers:

“I hope you are well. I’ve been receiving Golden Limo’s email correspondence throughout the coronavirus pandemic and I have to give you credit. You’ve done a really good job staying in touch, staying relevant. Even when everyone in Michigan was essentially forced to stay home. Providing inside tips to lessen stress, be prepared, and move forward safely with people’s transportation needs. Great job!”

This is a great example of staying relevant. Even though their business has pivoted a bit due to COVID.

A sampling of one of Golden Limo’s emails can be viewed (here). Therefore, revealing that providing information due to the current environment is helpful and gets attention. As a result, Golden Limousine International‘s customer noticed and so will yours!

Golden Limousine eBlast

To assist with your marketing efforts, here are tips to keep your messaging relevant:

  1. Be aware of the current rules, regulations, and trends. If you know what is going on in the world, in your town, or with your products and services, you will be better prepared.
  2. Collect customer data and apply it. Review metrics and analytics of your messages. See what your customers are interested in, what they are responding to, and which campaigns aren’t performing to expectations. If you know what your audience’s wants, interests, and dislikes are, you will better understand what to say.
  3. Personalize messages. Personalization can help marketers optimize campaigns and maximize outcomes.
  4. Stay positive in your messaging. We all know times are tough. Therefore, there is no need to bring darkness into your messaging.


Every brand needs a voice, make yours one to remember with relevancy! In the end, if your content is relevant, your message will be engaging. As a result, it connects with what people want to hear!


Do you have any tips to stay relevant?

Contact us today with any questions!

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