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7 Design Trends for 2017

2016 is coming to a close and as the clock nears 2017, design trends for the new year are taking shape.

2016 is coming to a close and as the clock nears 2017, design trends for the new year are taking shape.

With users’ attention spans shortening with the results of a more digital life, graphic design is heading toward making information more accessible as quickly and easily as possible. Here are 7 graphic design trends to keep an eye out for 2017:


Modern-retro grew even more in 2016, but we haven’t seen the last of it yet. Modern flare added to retro typefaces and color palettes make for a fun combination of old and new. This trend has been spotted on logos, packaging, and web designs everywhere.

Responsive Logos

Responsive logos are simple and manageable designs that allow them to be easily shrunken down without losing their initial branding message on mobile devices.


Cinemagraphs are still photographs with a single, minor movement being made in the image. The image usually comes as a GIF and are the simple and effective answer to marketing’s biggest issue: time. With marketers trying to captivate their audience’s attention and competing for screen space, cinemagraphs are the perfect solution to this issue.


Minimalism’s focus on simplicity and functionality has been adopted by many brands and design trends. Intentional white space means more breathability and reduced focal points, allowing the viewers to quickly assess the information being shown.

Illustrated (Hand Drawn) Images

Illustrated images are great for adding a human element to graphic design. They are being used in a huge variety of ways, but are more and more being implemented to help explain and illustrate complex problems or instructions.

Modular Layouts

These layouts function to break up text and put it into manageable chunks of information, as opposed to long blocks of text that lose the reader half way into it.

Bold Photography and Sleek Text

While pretty much a staple in graphic design at the moment, we won’t be seeing this trend leave anytime soon. The mix of bold and sleek text with images that captivate the viewer make for a trend that emits class and style.

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