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The Sweet News — August 2019 Edition

Tune Up Your Marketing!

Marketing can get tedious and boring when you do the same thing over and over. Everything needs a tune-up now and again to put some life back into your brand!

It doesn’t have to be amazing, or expensive, or time-consuming — it just has to “be” — so take a few minutes and use that marketing tool that you carry in your back pocket or purse every day! Your cell phone can be a great asset to your company if you take a moment to grab a picture, record a testimony, or better yet sing a song…

Chuck Colby, from 3 Men and a Tenor, was assisting me during the A2Y Chamber Ypsi Tasty Grub Crawl and I asked him to give me a little tune for one of the stops along the way.

I posted it on Facebook —

  • 628 people reached
  • 103 engagements

The video is 25 seconds long and while we are not all amazing singers like Chuck, we have other attributes to share. You can tell a story, a funny joke, share an interesting fact — the sky is the limit if you allow yourself to have a little fun and share your excitement with others.

View the video here!

Bee Spontaneous… like Chuck!


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