Milan, MI

Incredible Art Painted on Stones

What does art look like when artists abandon the classic canvas and explore other ways to bring beautiful images to life? Stone art is an amazing way for this artist to be truly imaginative as she creates astonishing portrayals of animals for all to enjoy.

Art has become incredibly versatile these days. With canvases no longer what they used to be, artists look beyond the ordinary and find a way to turn anything into something extraordinary. One such artist bringing her passion to the unconventional canvas is Akie Nakata. She is taking on the difficult task of creatively turning stones into cute little animals. For Akie, it is more than just painting on a stone. She strives to bring out the living being that she feels in the stone and proceeds carefully with each piece. First, she considers where she is positioning the backbone. From there, it is the stone that determines what she paints on it. Her goal? To paint the life, the living spirit of the being she feels inside the stone.

Take a look at some of the amazing pieces Akie Nakata has created:

1. Red Fox

2. Hamster

3. Mom and baby sea otter

4. Bluebird

5. Owl

6. Baby seal

7. Pug dog

8. Raccoon

9. Golden retriever

10. Koala

11. Snow Owl

12. Mom and baby elephant

13. Lone Wolf

14. Hippo

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