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Businesses and organizations are always looking into growing and staying connected with their audience. It is important to market to your community first, so if your in the SE Michigan area then the SEMI-eNews should be your first stop for advertising. We all know how difficult it easy to break through all the social noise and to combat the large entities for market share. Advertsing with SEMI-eNews will provide you with the opportunity to connect with the “local folks” and start a relationship before they arrive as we all have one thing in common – we love SE Michigan!

Increase your Following with the Semi-eNews

SEMI provides multiple opportunities to help local businesses and organizations expand their horizon. One option is appearing in the SEMI bi-weekly eNews blast. It reaches thousands of people a month by providing them with local events from business to community and we even have a health and sports section!  So if you have a preferable audience you wish to reach then the Semi-eNews is a great way to get your marketing off the ground!

Or if wish to reach even more folks then a spot on the SEMI-eNews website will offer even more exposure. It’s well-connected to over 10,000 Michigan folks through the combination of social media, the eblast and website traffic! 

Join the SEMI-eNews to keep your brand growing and spreading the message to your current and prospective clients. By being part of the SEMI-eNews, you will be a step above your competition.  You will also have a huge engagement with Michigan folks looking for exciting news in their own backyard. This is a great opportunity to easily target your local audience. 

Looking to Connect and Advertise Today? It’s super easy… start advertising here!

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