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Vectors Do Make A Difference!

Big or Small –
Vectors do it All!

Does your logo stand up to the resizing test?

A good logo can be used on many products, mediums, color backgrounds, basically any printed item, IF, it is a vector image!

Vector graphics are crucial to creating the marketing and sales material that you need by providing the designer the flexibility to increase or decrease the image while maintaining its proportions.  Your brand must maintain its dignity, and proportions, if it is going to assist you in your goals to be the best organization in your field!

Our designers were recently given the task to create a unique heart that highlights our client’s specialties, which they wanted to broadcast to the community during a charity run in St. Louis.  We were thrilled to assist, especially knowing they are a driving force in bringing sound to the residents in their community!

The Center for Hearing & Speech is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping anyone with communication disorders in the St. Louis area. The Center provides high-quality services to low-income families in the community. Firstly, this vector graphic design helps support and promote the kids of the community. In addition, when registering for the event everyone will own this shirt. Secondly, this helps raise money for the children in need. However, the heart design didn’t only promote Running For The Kids Event. In conclusion, it led people to know what Center for Hearing & Speech stands for and what their goals are as a business.

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