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Brand Consistency

Maintaining Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is when a business strives to communicate information – which keeps a focus on the core strategy, values, and the foundation of the organization. Your brand is how people perceive your products, services, and relationship to the community. If you want your marketing to be at the next level, maintaining consistency in your message, brand, and other elements is crucial.

Center for Hearing & Speech provides hearing aids, speech-language therapy as well as vision and hearing screenings to children and adults. The non-profit organization has maintained a constant brand for nearly 100 years and it has remained recognizable to many generations. A visit to their website reveals their commitment to the community, not only the people but other nonprofit services. As their true brand and consistent message is to improve the quality of life for the citizens of St. Louis and surrounding communities.

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Each bee has 170 oderant receptors, which means they have one serious sense of smell! They use this to communicate within the hive and to recognize different types of flowers when looking for food.