Milan, MI

The Sweet News — October 2015

Video is the way to go.

As you have heard, whether you’re a professional or not, you can share your video with the world. Do you have a YouTube account? If not, you need one! Simple videos from your phone work great — it’s all about providing engaging content.

I learned this and much more during my recent attendance to the Detroit Digital Summit. It was a very exciting event for a marketer! As I was not only affirmed that we are doing the “right stuff”, I also discovered some very cool, innovative stuff coming in the way of digital marketing. In the future, your customers will be able to shop within your email. There will be no need to click to your website and possibly lose the sale while they are waiting for your shopping cart to load.

The 2015 Detroit Digital Summit was a very exciting event for a marketer!

As with all things, we are in video production and investigating new products to share our videos and yours, too. Stay tuned!

Bee in action,


Did you know?

The buzz that you hear when a bee approaches is the sound of its four wings moving at 11,400 strokes per minutes. Bees fly an average of 15 miles per hour.