Milan, MI

The Sweet News — August 2015

It’s funny how we live in a society that thinks being young is “all that and a bag of chips”

and I watch daily as another older person slowly wastes away thinking that their time has passed. It’s so untrue and there are many examples of people discovering their hidden talents once they have time to stop, think for a minute, and breath.


I recently read a story about Grandma Moses that took up painting at the age of 76 and continued to paint for another 25 years until her death at 101 years old. She produced amazing pieces of art that revealed life in America when history moved at a speed that was easily devoured. What a tribute to her life to continue to strive until the very end of her journey. Her stamina is one to envy and strive for.

So, I challenge you to start thinking about something creative you have always wanted to do, but have put it off due to your job, family, or time. Etch out some time to make it happen today and you might discover you have an artist hiding deep in your soul.


Remember, everyone has their own dreams and types of creativity – so do something different. You will know you have succeeded when someone tells you to act your age.


Grandma Moses said if she hadn’t taken up painting she would probably have raised chickens – to each their own! Click here to read more about her life and works.

Bee young at heart, mind, and soul —


Did you know?

Bees maintain a temperature of 92-93 degrees Fahrenheit in their central brood nest regardless of whether the outside temperature is 110 or -40 degrees.