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The Video of My Success Lesson One: SEO and Video

by guest writer Arron Nelson Jr.,

Since the inception of the moving picture,

businesses of every means have been using this tool for advertising purposes.  Up until this century, those marketers have been using commercials and product placement to show us their brands.  They still do in most cases, and it works for most of them by some percentage.  However, today video can be a greater tool then just showing us your product.


SEO and Video

“Hey I just uploaded my video that I created for my business on YouTube. How come no one knows about us yet?”  It’s not that simple, yet not that hard.

The first things you need to do when uploading a video on YouTube, or any other video hosting sight, is to brand it with your company.  Make sure the title mentions you, your product or the keywords associated with you, have your website in the description and use appropriate tags.  That way there is a funnel that leads back to you.  “Yeah, but what about that video where that guy does that crazy thing and after a million views you find out that it was just a secret Nike advertisement?”  You’re going to have to get over the fact that you are not Nike.  You don’t have millions of dollars to give to your ad agency and PR team to covertly get your video out there.  If you do have that kind of money than bravo, you’re doing something right.  Most of us don’t, so make sure people can trace the video back to you.


Now the most important part, help get your video out there.

“Why should I try to get my video out there?  Why not try to get my website out there, it’s more of a direct link to me?”  True, your website is more of a direct connection to you, but your website is boring, I’m sorry it is, at least most of the time.  People want to be entertained, or moved, or angered or, or, or…  Your website is probably more fact based on whatever it is your providing.  With the video you can add in comedy or something visually appealing that engages with the viewer.


“How do I get my video out there then?”

Post it on Facebook and Twitter.  Ask any friends and family to repost it on their Facebook and Twitter.  That gets the ball rolling.  Next, find bloggers.  “Why should a blogger care about a video about my company?”  They don’t, but what they do care about is content.  No matter what your field of work is that you are currently doing, there is a blogger that writes about it.  In fact, there is probably several.  Some with small following, some with large, you’ll want whichever one will post your video.  Let’s say you clean houses for a living, a very noble profession.  You’re probably thinking that there can’t possibly be a blog about cleaning houses.  Wrong.  There is a blog that is a collective of stories revolving around the weird stuff maids find while working.  There is a blog that is about the best way to clean certain household items, etc., etc., etc.  Contact those bloggers and ask them if you can guest post, if they want to do an interview with you followed by a link to your video or whatever the scenario is that gives them more content at the same time adding the video link to their site.


The above is a bit of a simplification of the SEO and video process, and it just scratches the surface of what can be done, but if you remember:

  • Create engaging video + getting it out there = your search rankings going up.
  • Then you’re on your way to better marketing practices for your company.

In lesson two I will discuss ways on making your videos more engaging to watch.

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Stay tuned…


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