Milan, MI

The Sweet News — January 2015

Our world is ever changing and everyone wants to utilize the latest method to communicate. It’s fun and exciting, but will it last the test of TIME?

Good communication is key to successful relationships, business transactions, and life in general. So don’t discount the tried and true methods that will never go away — unlike the 8-track tape.

Postal mail and emails are still very effective tools, much more than text messages. They have a longer shelf life — which at times can be great for your business!

We recently sent out an eblast to Golden Limousine International’s customers wishing them a Happy New Year and a few days later this reply email was received from the eblast…


Dear Sean,
I am in Africa with only periodic email connection. I am wondering if I can make a reservation for a pickup from the airport on Friday from Metro going to Ann Arbor. I will have email access from about 11:00am until 1:00pm today (your time), so I will be checking then to see if this would be possible. I would do it by Internet, but I am a returning customer and do not yet have a login and password (that I know of).


Remember emails have no boundaries as they make the world a much smaller place where time is irrelevant and sometimes they can be a life saver — if you can find them in your email jungle.

So, the moral of the story, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.”¬†While things change, new is not always better, it’s just new, until you discover otherwise.

Bee Sweet,


Did you know?

Each bee has 170 oderant receptors, which means they have one serious sense of smell! They use this to communicate within the hive and to recognize different types of flowers when looking for food.