Milan, MI

The Process

The Process of building a brand is a fun and adventurous one! Watching it start as a dream and becoming a reality is as exciting for us as it is for our clients.

Whether we are creating a brand from the ground up, or helping to rebrand an existing business, the process we take is always the same. We take a look and your current branding/marketing wheel house and offer spokes that will make it spin more efficiently.

Take a stroll through our process below — where are you at? Do you see anything that we can help you with? Contact Us today for a free consultation and let us assist in making your dream a reality.

Your brand is your promise to your customers. It tells them what you stand for, how you conduct business, if you are luxurious and exclusive, or laid back and relaxed. A strong brand identity can attract the loyal clients/customers you are looking for. By starting with a clear identity of your business, we can create a brand that will consistently represent you in all touch points with your audience.
Having a website is a must for any business and will serve as your "home base" online. Is your website up-to-date? Do you need one? Using the WordPress platform, we can create a powerful presence for you online with a modern design and functionality for any mobile device -- all while being just as easy for anyone to use the back-end to post blogs and make slight updates.
A social media presence is just second, if not even, to a having a website. We'll make sure your business is on all the appropriate social media platforms and connected to your website, driving your website visitors up and bringing you more business!
Now that all of your basics are done, it's time to get the word out about your business! Our digital marketing system is able to reach potential and existing customers wherever they may be. Gather all of the information you want from your customer through an intuitive form on your website, then start sending customized emails to them via text or email. Develop an offer that is able to be purchased right on your website, through an email or text, or even on your social media page. Landing pages allow you to announce a special event or promotion, host a blog, or just a simple page for special information. Best of all, everything your customers interact with is smartly tracked to help you close the sale!
No, print is not dead. Newspaper ads, poster, direct mailers, table tents, flyers, handouts, menus, postcards, trade show material -- they're all still great ways to make an impact and attract customers to your business.
Once you have built your customer base it is important to keep them coming back to visit and purchase, whether online or in person. This is what we do best -- build rapport! Personalized birthday and anniversary eblasts with a special discount offer are always welcome to your customers, or a custom greeting card mailed to them during the holidays remind them that you’re thinking of them. Loyalty cards are the best way for customers to be rewarded. Ours starts out as a gift card and becomes a reward card that can be used to track their activity and thank them for it.

The Process
is a Success!

Did you know?

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