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Call To Action Button — Does Your Website Have One?

A great CTA (Call To Action) button drives business objectives. It can direct users, get them to take a desired action and help your website improve conversion rates.


A CTA is one of the most important functions on your website, should stand out on your page and be visible to users.


You want to make sure your CTA is relevant to your business objective.


For example, on our SEMI eNews homepage, our CTA is at the top of our page, stands out in orange and gets users to do exactly what we want them to do on our website – sign up the SEMI eNews! View to view our Call To Action button.


If you have a CTA, what type of call to action button works well for you? Share with us!


If you don’t have one on your website – be sure to add a CTA today!

The CTA on the SEMI eNews website stands out and catches the visitors eye in order to get them to sign up for the SEMI eNews.

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