Tina Walther

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Tina S. Walther, owner of Rapport, lived in South Carolina until her graduation from college in 1984. Her degree in business, with a minor in computer programming, has aided her in many business endeavors over the past 25 years. She began her restaurant career during her college years. Upon relocation to Michigan, she climbed the restaurant ladder to eventually be a General Manager of various restaurants in the Ann Arbor area.

In 1992, she decided to start her second career as a A/R Receivable Management Sales Representative for The Ann Arbor Credit Bureau and remained with them fro approximately 10 years. Her love of people, food, design and entrepreneurship lead to the opening of her store, The Shade of the Olive, LLC in 2002, which remained open until 2007. The store specialized in home interior, women’s accessories, gourmet food items, and interior design services — a “chic shop”, as it was called.

In 2007, Tina decided to combine her business, sales, marketing and hospitality experience and enter the Internet world — ready or not!

Her company, Rapport, was born and has continued to flourish ever since. Rapport is an innovative appreciation marketing (IAM) company that utilizes state of the art, cost-effective tools to reach out to her client’s current and prospective customers.